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Loading Time Issues Empty Loading Time Issues

Post by tsunamayo on Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:27 am

I do a separate thread to talk about loading time issue as Barantir had some trouble with that.
Some context, during loading, the engine have to do the following tasks :

  • Create all the ship/contruction from the scene
  • Instantiate sun and planets (fast)
  • Generate all the stars in the sky, they are not random but generated from real star around your system, up to several 1000 light year for the supergiant stars.
  • Compute the skybox of the Galaxy, which is computing from the system position inside the galaxy.

I suspect it is coming from the galaxy skybox generation. This task is really heavy on the GPU, as it is a brute force raycast of the Galaxy mathematical model, done on the GPU with DX11 compute shaders (otherwise on the CPU it would takes hours). On my computer it is quite fast, but I have a GTX960.
Barantir => what is your pc configuration ?
Now there is a couple thing to improve that part :
1) tweak a few parameter to kill the framerate, which you dont care because you are loading, but it wont solve the issue when you warp...
2) Give an option to reduce the resolution of the galaxy. Right now it 1024, but I can run it 512, the visual drop in quality should be minimal (for now, I will improve Galaxy Skybox so it look more high-res and also add nebulae...)


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