A.I systems

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A.I systems

Post by Remitorm Darkwind on Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:47 pm

just out of interest are you ever planning on adding a basic A.I behavioural system to allow players to make drones and the such sort of a similar system to that in Starmade and space engineers as then people may be able to make things like carriers escort drones etc that would actually function
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Re: A.I systems

Post by tsunamayo on Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:34 pm

Ok so I am not sure on how this is working in Starmade or SE, if you have some nice webpage or youtube tutorial video on this I would like to watch them.

Yes I totally want to do that, just not on the short term. What I was having in mind is a system were your build a basic IA out of a sequence of behaviour statement (if [CONDITION] then [ACTION] like the gambit system in FF12.

So you could have offensive/defensive one, but also a lot maintenance condition/orders, so you can repair block, extinguish fire, or mine a specific ressource or salvage a ship ect.
As I will be adding walking mechas/robot you could do very nice design with, or even your little R2 unit.
But yes I really need to do that it will allows me the leverage on the brick system which is one of the specificity of the game.


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