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Post by navy3001 on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:46 am

Hello everyone! i am im 20 (will be 21 on the third!)

i have been gaming my whole life

i love space games and building games (this game looks like a space Lego game! love legos!)

i would love to try and get into the beta testing in this game if possable..(is there a fourm thing i can fill out or anything? i could not find one..)

i have been in a lot of alpha and beta testing for games

Alpha and up games

Space engineers



Void Destroyer

Void Destroyer 2


The legend of Pirates online

and here are the beta games!


Heroes Of The Storm closed beta

World Of War Ships closed beta

toy soilders compleat

Plantery annihilation

Wind Word


and i think that is it..and i think i do a pretty good job at breaking games because once in Plantery annihilation (RTS game) i created a map were one of the planets orbited out of the map and got stuck and everything going to that planet also got stuck so at the start of the match (8 player free for all match) i rocked to that planet and watched the players kill each other!

then once in windword (a pirate ship era game) i forgot how but i beached my ship! needed like 5 other players to push me back into the water!

then with the legend of pirates online well...i record youtube and almost every other episode with alpha i broke the game

so ya! is there any way to get into the testing for this game? i would love to try and make a empire in this game and break the game as much as i can!


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