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Building Philosophy of the game.

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Building Philosophy of the game. Empty Building Philosophy of the game.

Post by tsunamayo on Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:41 pm

In this post I will detail briefly what building logic I am implementing in the game.
I have several requirements :

  • Very simple and intuitive building mecanism
  • Something that feel physical, not like some edit mode of a 3d editing software.
  • At the same time add some advanced tools, completely optional, for more experienced user.

The current system rely only on item primary and secondary keys, and SHIFT only for advanced tools.
As there are various shape you might want to place them in a specific position. For this simply hold build key, and rotate the cursor around the center of the plane you are building.

Building Philosophy of the game. FHJMr80

With some practice you will be able to target the face on the right spot and build the block in the right position.

If some block are not really logical to rotate please tell if will fix them! I know some of them are not very friendly for now (tetra, penta, windows cockpit), I will improve them.


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