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Francois/Tsunamayo Presentation

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Francois/Tsunamayo Presentation Empty Francois/Tsunamayo Presentation

Post by tsunamayo on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:05 pm

Hello guys I am Francois aka Tsunamayo, I am a 33 old french dude who live in Japan.

As being the dev of the game I will expand a bit about my interest to shed some light on the main driver for doing this project ! Wink

I always have been a scifi and space nerd. I think it all started with Lego, I was especially into lego space. For those who know a bit lego it was toward the end of classic space, then on to futuron, blacktron and so on. I had my fair share of beautiful sets, but not all of them so that I was still looking at the lego catalog with a lot of envy. I think it left a pretty big impression on me as sometime I dream about finding these old sets in stock in today store, lol.

Then one day with my brother and some friends we saw Starwars ep5, as a kid it was like the best thing ever. I started to be interested into scifi books, I especially remember reading AC Clarke 2001 and 2010 while looking at my father space books with some old Voyager and Pioneer pictures of the solar system, it was fascinating me deeply. I also did a bit of astronomy at that time. I guess that explain me spending too much time on the galaxy creation Razz

I love reading scifi novel, on top of AC Clarke I like Silverberg, Dan Simmons, Stephen Baxter, Asimov. When I was living in France I loved hunting scifi book of the 80s with their cheesy cover  Razz
In france we are lucky to have a strong tradition about comic, so I was a big fan of Valerian, Moebius, Aquablue, Druillet. Maybe one day I will do a post about these because it will be an inspiration for the background I want to have in the game ! And they also inspired Lucas and Cameron to name a few.

I am also a big video game lover obviously, although it is hard to play and code at the same time, so I guess I slowly became a casual gamer ... Embarassed
For me it all started with the NES, so many incredible memory on it. Then I had a pc at one point, I would say my favorite games were Jedi Knight (my first fps), Morrowind, Wipeout, Half-life, Starcraft and Total Annihilation. More recently I really loved Mass Effect and FTL to name a few.

So when I saw minecraft as a Lego Space fan I said to myself, omg if only at one point I could build a spaceship and escape from the starting planet to explore the universe, it would be like the best thing ever. Then instead of dropping the idea like I do with all the stupid thing that I can think of, it kinda stuck into my head, I started to dig some info online on voxel game technology and here I am 3 years later !

Thanks for reading sorry for the long post  Razz


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Francois/Tsunamayo Presentation Empty Re: Francois/Tsunamayo Presentation

Post by Remitorm Darkwind on Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:44 am

better then my reason for gaming I just got bored then got addicted to building games Razz
Remitorm Darkwind
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