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Hi, i'm Cooper13...

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Hi, i'm Cooper13...  Empty Hi, i'm Cooper13...

Post by Cooper13 Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:10 pm

I found Skywanderers just some days before, and i was instantly fascinated by what i was shown. I'm scifi-fan since more than 40 years (one of my favorite series is Babylon 5)
And i love building things with bricks Very Happy
As a child, it was the greatest for me, to build things with LEGO, and Skywanderers seems to have a lot in common with the good old LEGO. If i remember it right, Tsuna himself
dropped the word "LEGO"...
Additionaly it looks like as Skywanderers offers a lot more and/or better ways to build something, than other voxel-scifi-games i played until now, even in this early state of development.
I am building ships in starmade since nearly 2 years, but there building is a lot more fun than flying them... They are all kind of proof of concept ships, the biggest 1200m long
(the Warlock destroyer from B5), but flying them never turned out they way i wanted.     
If i look at the videos about Skywanderer, i want to build some ships i like, AND use them bounce
So i hope, over here i can read more about the game and its development.
I really hope, this game makes its way!


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