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Changelog from 2016-11-19 to 2016-12-19

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Changelog from 2016-11-19 to 2016-12-19 Empty Changelog from 2016-11-19 to 2016-12-19

Post by tsunamayo Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:47 pm

Posting the changelog over the last month for reference, I will from now do less frequent build but do a separate topic for each one.

* Fix an issue with massless children entity during save
* Fix projectile in mp.
* New entity sync position on mp.
* Fix on building logic
* Multi-player connectivity working.
* Identity Block : New ship blueprint is saved and slot is rebuilt.
* Identity Block fixes
* Added Identity Block : save or duplicate main and children entity.
* Starter Block only start a construction, to give a custom name to save use an identity block.
* Fixed Beam block issue.
* Remove Entity from Identity Block.
* Spawn Manager fixes.
* CONFIG.ini will auto generate if not present.
* Can map SPACE key.
* Default Item Use is mapped to mouse.
* Rust hull block first color is now Beige.
* Added construction stripe block, in yellow, red and blue.
* Added armature block.
* Added armature wedge block.
* Rogue one surprise added
* Added ambient light back. Part not visible by the sun are not 100 % black.
* Seat will align the player
* Fixed beam brick.
* Massive performance improvement for collisions.
* Added Beam block.
* Merging Beam logic.
* Chunk Block multithreading jobs improved (faster for explosion).
* Projectile destroy after a certain time.
* Rocket explosion also destroy bricks.
* Mirror remove fix.
* Beam crystal to orient direction.
* Spaceship physics : Rotation depends on ship mass.
* Added hull rusted blocks
* Added drill block.
* Added hinge brick.
* added windows extension brick.
* Added bulk delete feature : hold SHIFT while deleting.
* From in-game setting and codex press ESC to exit menu.
* Fix issue while getting back in game.
* Wing blocks have better textures.
* No freeze when adding a block (issue introduced by collisions data to be computed)
* Fix some light algorithm issues.
* Added tube block with light.
* Entity/Entity Collision detection update
* now can collide on all side
* block add in-game will update collision data
* Hotkey link brick. Link these to system to activate them with hotkey when piloting a ship.
* Added wings parts. Still work needed on texture.
* Targeted block or button will show a box. Still need to fix aliasing on the line.
* Mix brick: this brick will do a linear interpolation between two values.
* Fix in button raycast.
* Fix player entity lock parenting.
* Key binding setting for up/down is read.
* Link assignment can be done twice in a row without any waiting time.
* Link assignment is now ending at targeted command.
* New Link preview shader.
* Studs are removed when a brick is built.
* Inclined Screen is now a 3x2 stud brick.
* Seat can now be activated when targetting a box around them
* New icon when targetting action buttons
* Fix issue with teleportation block, now longer floating point precision issues.
* Added axis to build preview
* During preview looking too far away will cancel the build (before it was re-assigning the position)
* Constant command : Assign a new value will trigger the command thereafter (no need to push)
* Input command : close button added
* Starting block wont be placed when using a button at the same time
* Added a close button to the starting block
* Crosshair is more visible on bright area.
* Holomap new jobs system - actions will be freezed when zooming or focusing to a new point.
* Wait cursor is displayed when holomap is freezed.
* Rollback of main hull texture
* Hull modern blocks added
* New block stack building logic : Press [SHIFT] and move mouse to build a stack of blocks - still wip
* Beam ray fix, no longer destroy itself
* Beam brick can be added to fixed point
* Holomap better shader for small stars
* Holomap single draw call for clickable stars - a lot faster
* Changed main hull texture just for testing
* Fixed some issues with slope border texture detection - still a few cases to fix
* CONFIG.ini is now read from save directory
* Holomap volume texture improvements :
* GP-GPU dispact over several frame - transition are now smooth af
* Dual buffering of volume texture for computation
* New focus point volume fix
* New raycast and sampling method
* smaller volume res to fit better ray steps - less artifacts and faster speed
* Small improvements of the star shader in the holomap
* Laser and Rocket Launcher can be used from a static attach point (no need for a turret) - I will add beam soon.
* Item action key binding fix
* Added Complementary corner shape (for a lack of a better name) to hull block, still needs to fix uv
* Fix crash when changing rapidly focus point in Holomap
* Should have fix the mouse issue on dual screen
* Delete the holomap block fix
* Fixed save to title and back to the game issue.
* Save Icon display when saving
* Cannot save again while saving
* Wait for save jobs when exiting
* Have to give a name when loading an existing ship
* Started to work on entity/entity collision, still broken
* Added num to item bar
* Udpated Spaceship, warpdrive and gravitational block texture and shape.
* Spaceship direction is now reversed
* New building preview position reassignement feature
* Various small fixes
* Fixed issue when removing light.
* Added help in in-game menu
* Codex numkey shortcut
* 4 items bars : ctrl-scroll in game to switch, or scroll in codex.
* Added Crouch action


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