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[Low Priority] [Building/Game Mechanic] Switch to Slider bug

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[Low Priority] [Building/Game Mechanic] Switch to Slider bug Empty [Low Priority] [Building/Game Mechanic] Switch to Slider bug

Post by sunwupen Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:02 am

I should really start using your template to help this go smoother. Sorry I haven't been using it.

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Low Priority (only annoying, doesn't affect gameplay)

Building/Game Mechanic (Hinges and Switches not working properly)

Game Build - 2017-02-11

In the current build when I hook a Switch (toggle input) to a Slider (increase/decrease input strength) and then hook the Slider up to a Hinge, the Hinge will not remember the Slider's input.  Allow me to elaborate as that sentence sounds confusing even to me ^_^;

I set the Slider to 50% and hook it up to a Hinge.  It operates like it is supposed to when connected to only the Hinge.  The Hinge moves halfway through its rotation as is expected.  Then I hook a Switch up to the Slider to make the input a toggle.  When I press the switch it should move the Hinge between 50% and 0% as set by the Slider it is connected to.  However, when I flip the Switch it ignores the Slider input altogether and moves the hinge between 100% and 0%.  Before this current build this logic setup did not behave this way so I believe it to be a bug.  If there is any way you want me to recreate it or any variables I need to eliminate please inform me so I can conduct further testing.


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