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Build from 2017-03-10 : Holoprojector and Callback command

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Build from 2017-03-10 : Holoprojector and Callback command Empty Build from 2017-03-10 : Holoprojector and Callback command

Post by tsunamayo Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:10 am

Hello, sorry I have been very busy putting the steam greenlight up, you can check it out over here :

The main change concerning the new build are the holoprojector and the callback command.

Check out the video to know more :

* Holomap block become the holo Projector, and can be linked to several system.
* Callback command added.
* Fume effect on brick Panel C.
* Stairs Scaffolding added.
* Light Rod added.
* Glow block added : this block does not produce light.
* Some wings and tile brick are added (Stand versions)
* Guided missile : still wip
* Target Computer : still wip
* Mug brick added.
* Various multiplayer fixes.
* Chunk issue on block fixed.
* Some colors were added (mostly red tone)
* Game build switch to 64 bits !
* Beam block and brick can be added.
* Pipe Diagonal added (Brick and Block)
* Holomap zoom and focus is networked.

Also sorry for not having been not more present on the forum lately, the discord channel have been really taking off lately and have been the preferred platform of the growing community. We are not giving up on forum, we are actually working on our own one under our upcoming domain, we will keep you posted. Forum will stay the best platform to centralize structured discussion, ship release, and build update.



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