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Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes

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 Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes Empty Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes

Post by tsunamayo Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:30 am

Ok so a quick release with the fixes on the many bugs you help me found out in the past couple of days (still a few remaining).

* Corner block are now correctly mirrored.
* Speedometer brick is fixed.
* Item Bar hotkey fixed.
* Laser sensor fixed.
* Remove Brick Item Bench fixed.
* Corner block are now facing camera on preview.
* F2 to disable HUD.
* Fix link assignment when piloting
* Fix Seat bounds.
* Added half-slab wedges.
* Fix holomap when returning to the game.
* Deleting a brick delete children brick (not working yet for multi-studs bricks)
* Weapon bench remove block fixed.

This are the half-slab wedge if you want to check them out :
 Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes KT0abf6h


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 Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes Empty Re: Build from 2017-01-10 : Bugfixes

Post by Gady Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:24 am

Looking great! Hoping to get hands on a build, I have some cool ideas I wanted to ckeck out

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