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The new holo projector block - one little thing

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The new holo projector block - one little thing Empty The new holo projector block - one little thing

Post by IronicMollusk Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:17 am

So, i posted this suggestion on reddit, but ill expand on it more here. First of all, the new features of the holo projector are exactly the sort of thing that really expand the possibilities of this game just by adding a few features. I'd like to suggest one more addition. What if the projector, when linked to the identity block, had a way of recognizing the most recently loaded blueprint for that ship, and showing the blocks that are different/damaged with a negative color (for the color, i dont know programming but depending on how color is represented in C#, i assume theres a bit of code that can figure this out?) You could have a cut-off where if more than 50% of the blocks are wrong then it doesn't work. This would eliminate the problems with having an unsaved ship linked to the projector, and after you loose 50% of the ship, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Just a thought, but it gets into how building would work in a survival mode and how blueprints and repair factor into that. Either way the actual use-case of this functionality wont be for a while.


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