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Small sliding door building workflow.

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Small sliding door building workflow. Empty Small sliding door building workflow.

Post by tsunamayo on Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:37 pm

So for now when you want to create a small sliding door (like you need often for interior design) you have to do the exact same steps as with big hangar doors or every other sliding mechanism.
Since I want to redo the rail/sliding mechanism to make it more powerfull, I will separate small door from the standard rail system, so I can make it more instinctive to use.
For now we need to do the following :

  • Very often we break a wall to put the mechanism : it is painful to replace the block, especially if you have to grab the block and the color it in the codex.
  • Put the main sliding brick
  • put the extension brick next to it, thats two
  • then build the door on the children entity platform
  • remove the crappy looking mini platform as it is larger
  • then link a button to the mecanism
  • put back the wall.

That is too many steps for such a little and standard mechanism.

To improve that I wanted to create a new brick that will be build on the side of the wall, perpendicular the the axis of the door. First it will be a very thin flat panel with the idea that this is in fact a sliding mechanism inside the wall itself (we see just the tip of the iceberg). Then the player will simply build a door on top of it (it will have to be half-slab, so it physically make sense), and it will create a children entity. Then you link a button to the sliding brick that will be a bit larger that half-slab.
=> you wont need to break any wall, just place one sliding brick (or two if you want a 2m high door), no mini platform to destroy.
Also with this mechanism I can justify the no collision mode of the door as it will go inside the wall. I plan to activate collision for the standard rail system.

Now if someone have an suggestion on this I am all ear. I plan to work on this soon. bounce


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