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Build from 2017-02-11 : New Turret system, now hotkey logic.

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Build from 2017-02-11 : New Turret system, now hotkey logic. Empty Build from 2017-02-11 : New Turret system, now hotkey logic.

Post by tsunamayo Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:44 pm

Hello, so I have been building a lot for the trailer, but I managed to do a bit of code.

The main new additions are :
* Turret system. Old system is now replace : use the turret computer unit, assign vertical and horizontal axis on any rotator, and voila
* To activate weapon or camera on your turret you can use new Mouse Hotkey brick and the new version of the hotkey brick
* You can activate all these system at once with the dual or quad Enter command.
* Enter command are now displayed in purple, versus blue for normal command/system. Enter system are system in which you enter : your position is locked, and you need to press E a second time to exit. Such system are seat, spaceship core, turret computer, kotkey brick, camera + other.
* Refactoring of the jobs management, if you have some issue with loading ect, please report them !

The build is called Please see the link for more info on how to install :

=> The new hotkey will make your current system obsolete ! To update them, you will need to link your joystick to a new dual/quad Enter command, and link this command to 1) your spaceship core, 2) any hotkey you want to activate.

=> if you had turret wil the old system, they will be broken.

* New turret Computer brick, can work with any rotator.
* Old turret brick is now a simple rotator.
* Enter system bound preview is now purple.
* New hotkey behaviour : Now "Enter" the brick to activate the hotkey.
* New Mouse Left, Middle an Right click hotkey brick.
* New Dual and Quad Enter command, to activate several "Enter" system at once.
* Jobs system now use more than two core.
* Weapon attachment only activate when input > 0.5. Usefull to create retractable hardpoint.
* Bricks are now mirrored.
* Added more skins.
* Collisions improved.
* Can now send blueprint bigger than 60 kb on multiplayer game.

Please check the video to see the new turret and hotkey change.


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