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Remote Controlled Blocks? Probe, Drone, Missiles?

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Remote Controlled Blocks? Probe, Drone, Missiles? Empty Remote Controlled Blocks? Probe, Drone, Missiles?

Post by Leadershinji on Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:20 am

Is there a way to remote control blocks ?
I am curios if we can build missiles that are detached from your ship and launched right into the enemy vessel.
(In that case is there a Warhead block of any kind? Or do we need to use the kinetic Energy to destroy the ship?)
Hmm i would like to build a Boarding Torpedo ^^

Or Drones that are part of your defense system and intercept enemy missiles and fighters.

Or send out probes to see if the vessel you can see at the horizon is hostile or not, or probe planets Wink

(Do not have access to the game yet, and cant find the info.. so asking and making some concepts for ships on paper... and this questions came up Smile )

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