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New paint system

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New paint system Empty New paint system

Post by tsunamayo Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:29 pm

Ok so after having wrapped my head around this for a while I decided to start tackling this big refactoring, as it will greatly simplify the codex and the building experience. Since I plan to have more new player soon, it will be a great bonus.

This is what will change soon :

  • The vast majority of the block will be paintable, even fonctional one.
  • Paint will only cover a certain area of each block, depending on each block. For ex for hull block paint will cover almost all the block, but for fonctionnal it will be limited to a smaller zone
  • Hull block and other decorations block will come in one color : neutral gray.
  • Player will be able to select paint from a pre-defined list of color
  • Player will equip and use paint like a normal item.
  • In a second time I will add custom defined color at the level of each ship.
  • I will then expand this system for bricks

On top of that after I release this change I will work on refactoring the shape, bundling them into family. So overall the codex will be simplier, I will have to refactor the gui a bit to accommodate these change. Hopefully it will adress on the thing I was really dissatisfied with Skywanderers, the lack of coherence in block/brick codex, which is too messy for now.


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New paint system Empty Re: New paint system

Post by tsunamayo Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:54 am

Ok so I have been making good progress on the paint system, I will do a video soon and release a build with the change - I will do a post about it. There is an impact on the blueprint save format, so I will check with every one of you on the procedure to convert the old blueprint.
The hull set of shape were also updated.
Here is a few screenshot :
New paint system ZbG68I9h
New paint system TFdsmB2h


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